Thursday, March 20, 2008

Casion Royale is the Real Deal

Holy Shit. I've never seen a truer return to form with a franchise/series than with the latest James Bond film, Casino Royale. I've been a Bond fanatic since I was a young lad, in fact, the first Bond film I saw in the theater was The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) - 31 years ago. I was seven at the time. My friend Mike's father had a Betamax and recorded a lot of Bond movies from the telly - so we had it made. I've enjoyed the whole series - unquestionably. I did like the Moore era, I was fine with Dalton, I enjoyed Brosnan - I like BOND - period. But, wow, I did not expect Casino Royale to impress me as much as it did. I was late getting to it, I missed it in the cinema (which hasn't happened in decades) and was waiting for the price to drop on the DVD. Well, I watched it last night and it FLOORED me. Amazing. Please, check it out. Daniel Craig is simply fantastic and so is the movie. If only they had done the same thing to the Superman franchise. Superman Returns: what a missed opportunity that was - a film completely ashamed of itself. Well, Casino Royale is NOT ashamed, the film wears its cultural heritage proudly, as a badge of honor. Not since On Her Majesty's Secret Service have we had such very honest, real, and plausible emotional responses to situational narrative. I LOVED this film. Bravo Lads.


JMR said...

oh wow, i didn't realize that you hadn't seen this yet. for me, casino royale is the best bond film by quite some distance. we've had this discussion before, but i have quite the love hate relation ship with this series. i love bond and the spy genre in general. however, for me there have only been a handful of truly great bond films. i would say all of the connery films (except for diamonds are forever and never say never again), on her majesty's secret service and tomorrow never dies from the brosnan era.

the moore films were truly awful...i used to think that for your eyes only was a good one and then i tried to rewatch it last year and was robbed of that myth. brosnan was a good bond, but had terrible terrible scripts (with the exception of the one listed above). the only saving grace of his films was the sublime casting of dame judi dench as m. dalton was also a good bond that had the misfortune of being in boring films.

thunderball has long been my favourite bond film...but now it is second to casino royale.

and if you like casino royale, you must must must see the bourne films. the bourne identity, supremacy and ultimatum were what paved the way for the bond relaunch. amazing films all around.

Chick Young said...

Yo Yo JMR,

Thanks for your comments. You are still full of shit regarding the Moore era, there are just as many inexcusable blunders committed during the Connery, Dalton, and Brosnan eras as there were during Roger's tenure. And I still rate LIVE AND LET DIE as a series highpoint. I've seen and own the Bourne series and agree that Casino Royale is indebted to Jason Bourne's relaunch from his ahem, humble Miniseries origins.

Looks like we are in full agreement regarding Casino Royale but will never, ever, see eye to eye with the Moore era.

JMR said...

ha! i do believe that trash aesthetics has called always returning out!

we can agree on the fact that inexcusable blunders were committed during the connery dalton and brosnan eras. i can point to diamonds are forever for connery. i think that diamonds is a very silly movie. dalton was a good bond but the movies just didn't do it for me. i can't put my finger on why (probably because i haven't seen them in a while).

and then we have brosnan. he wanted to make films like casino royale, but at the time the producers didn't have the stones to do it. before the relaunch, he and quentin tarrantino wanted to collaborate on casino royale. the producers wouldn't let him and he ended up getting frozen out, leading us to daniel craig.

that said, i LOVE the fact that i have someone to discuss and debate this with.

this is the reason that i have the blog.

finally, what do you think of the title of the new film? (quantum of solace)

Chick Young said...

Dear GAWD! I had no idea Brosnan was in negotiations with Q.T. about Bond. This news is absolutely DISTURBING and thank God it never came to be. Can you imagine??? I don't even want to THINK about it.

Check out my post about West Side Story - there's a bit on my favorite and also simultaneously least favorite scene in the film. Namely, Vesper's death.

You and I have discussed this over drinks before and while we'll never agree on Moore (I just CAN'T for the love of God figure out where you don't Love Live and Let Die), we certainly do agree on everything else. And, I actually LIKE the new title, but then, I am a professor and esoteric phrases appeal to me!

Let's continue this over a Martini. Shaken or Stirred Sir? "Do I look like I care?" HA! Great way to hit the restart button!