Sunday, April 27, 2008

Clip of the Week

Yup, time for another Clip of the Week. I was, and still am, a major MONKEES fan. I was addicted as a young lad and only appreciate the show on a deeper level now. In fact, I found it to be the premiere example of an early postmodern text for a television criticism course I was teaching over the past year. The students (both semesters) just loved the show. You really just can't beat The Monkees -

Apart from that, many of you know of my love for Julie Newmar - this and, of course, her work on Batman were my first exposures to her. Pity the sound isn't better on this clip as "The Girl That I Knew Somewhere" is damn near the very top of my favorite Monkees tunes - a great Nesmeth composition. I managed to snag season 2 of the series, but still need season 1. Enjoy!


JMR said...

i have always loved loved loved the monkees. my favourite monkee? mike (aka woolhat).

trivia: the producers (bob rafelson and burt schneider) used the money from the success of the show to fund the making of easy rider. also, jack nicholson wrote the monkees movie "head".

but, you probably already knew all of that already.

Chick Young said...

Yo matey. I did not know you were a Monkee man! I've got two very good documentaries on them and season 2. One of the docs in particular is EXCELLENT. We need to watch em'!

JMR said...

two documentaries? very cool indeed.

oh, and someone from a blog called "the rush blog" decided to troll my jedi post and call it "the biggest piece of shit" he has ever seen. of course, the comment was blocked.