Monday, April 7, 2008

Silver Screen Sirens...

A few of you have guessed as to the identities of a the small handful of ladies that are highlighting the right column of this page. The pics are indeed small and nobody got all 12, Fran Jeffries stumped a lot of people. So, they are (from left to right):

1) Julie Newmar
2) Fran Jeffries
3) Tura Satana
4) Nancy Kovack
5) Silvana Mangano
6) Rita Hayworth
7) Lana Turner
8) Ava Gardner
9) Soledad Miranda
10) Emmanuelle Vaugier
11) Melinda "Mindy" Clarke
12) Barbara Stanwyck

Just a few of my favorite ladies that adorned the silver screen in the past, present, and presumably, future. They have made life more joyous and I am indebted to them for it.


Pubs on my head said...

Good sir,

I enjoyed your listing of favorite actresses. I think you should check out Fran Jeffries Wiki page. I had no idea who she was so I looked her up, most amusing on the use of the phrase "fanny shaking."

Sir More

Anonymous said...

I like the blog. Great title. Why can't I come up with those things? must be the scholar thing.

Welcome to Lamb!