Wednesday, July 23, 2008


MADtv's FUNKENSTEIN series is pure genius. In my opinion, MADtv has been the most consistently hilarious and clever satire/parody/slapstick show since SCTV. Saturday Night Live has been so wildly uneven in it's thirty great years - that I only drop by occasionally to see if it's gonna be funny. Sadly, that's not usually the case. MADtv delivers.

Shot in glorious FUNKAVISION - the Funkenstein series has my stomach muscles aching from convulsion like laughter. Actually, I find the episodes more entertaining than the 60 plus million dollar Grindhouse 2007 and, in certain aspects, they perform the same function.

The Series To Date:

The Bride of Funkenstein (Special Appearance by Blacula)
Funkenstein Against Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (Special Apperance by Ed "Too Tall" Jones)
Funkenstein Vs. The Creature From the White Lagoon Vs. A Special Appearance by Blacula
My Personal Favorite (just a smidge above The Bride of Funkenstein) is:
Funkenstein Against The Werewolf Hookers. ENJOY!


gilligan said...

Thanks for that, I thoroughly enjoyed it. And you're right - somehow I couldn't picture SNL putting together something like this in a million years. It's much too irreverent and off the beaten path.

"It is Spring. Let's go."

Chick Young said...

"It is Spring. Let's Go!"

Erik said...

That is funny. I think one of the differences is that SNL is completely live and this clearly is not. SNL is so consistently mediocre these days, and MadTV has wild hits and misses, IMO. This piece is clearly a hit.