Friday, July 18, 2008

One of my Insane Hobbies - Part III


Here's another bust in my kit library. This time it's the legendary lyncanthrope Larry Talbot. I've always loved the character of Larry Talbot (as well as his European cousin, Paul Naschy's Waldimar Daninsky) because of the tragedy and pathos associated with the character.

This kit was purchased at the famous Apple Comics - on Melrose in Hollywood, a great Shoppe. In true fashion, I had just missed somebody important to me, this time it was John Landis who I apparently missed by five minutes. At any rate, this is the Geometric Wolfman Bust. A very fun kit to paint. As stated in the previous blog entry - busts require little clean up and virtually no assembly.

As for Larry Talbot. I did slow build ups of various shades of blue. Going from dark to light and then finally drybrushing much lighter shades on the contours of his shirt. The face was done using a wide array of tans, browns, ochres, yellows etc. Building slowly from dark to light - the same principle was used for his mane of hair. Some yellowish/ivory on his set of choppers was layered in and clear gloss gave it a good saliva quotient too. The base was painted to look like a plaque of wood. This is done by "blending" wood tones together - streaking them so as to imitate the grain, knots, and color of wood. The nameplate is in RED with a BLACK background. That's it!

Kit was purchased: Los Angeles, March 2002
Kit was completed: Summer 2004
Acrylic paints and various brushes.

And, again, as if I haven't said it enough - Jeff Rovin's RETURN OF THE WOLFMAN is the most seminal piece of revision fiction I have ever had the incredible pleasure of reading. I felt it would be appropriate to push it in this blog entry as we're talking bout good ole' Larry Talbot. If you love the Universal library of Monsters than this book was written just especially for you and you alone. Track down a copy - very imaginative, clever, and above all, well written. Find it and read it!

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Bill said...

Really painstaking looking work. I love to look at this type of stuff. I can understand what you are talking about about when you talk about working up from darker colors, but you do it so well. Maybe I will do some graphic work and take some digi pics and post them here too. I sort of quit working years ago but it occurs to be the web can be place for me to display (pander) my wares on the public.

Speaking of pandering wares I made a banner for your site at my new place. check it out in the sidebar next to Becca's No Smoking in the Skull Cave banner.Not too painstaking except for my slow connection.