Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year - R.I.P. 2008

Well, another calendar year rapidly winds down. Wow, what a year. I'm going to just talk about frivolities briefly here because if I wanted to talk about the more serious issues and stories of this year - I wouldn't be able to hit "Publish Post" for another two weeks. I'm grateful for a healthy and productive year and look forward to 2009. Last year I wrote that 2008 would hopefully promise good things in the name of:
  • Conferences - That's a Check
  • Research in Spain - That's a Check
  • The first draft of a doctoral dissertation - Nope, but the first CHAPTER is coming along.
I also wished that my family would maintain its health and that my friends prosper in the new year and "That's basically a Check" too. As for media musings, apart from my never ending quest to recapture my childhood through nostalgic television viewing. The two things that brought me the greatest pleasure this year were...

1) - The Re-launch of FUTURAMA (which technically began in late 07') which has given us three feature length movies that are superior to the majority of films (in my opinion) in your local cineplex.

2) - My other major love affair this year was with the excellent 30 Rock. And why oh why is it that the shows that I love so much are always such a tough sell to others (even with all the Emmy's it racked up)?

As of now, I am still in love with:

The Simpsons South Park Supernatural The Majority of NPR shows and some other stuff I am sure, but let's keep this post manageable.

The only major divorce this year was with:
Smallville - but who knows, maybe I'll tune in again one day...

Right then, Happy New Year to you all. May it be a damn sight better than the old one.

New Year's Aboard the S.S. Poseidon


Taliesin_ttlg said...

And a happy new year to you too chick

Uranium Willy said...

Happy New year to ya' Chick. Glad to see you back to some postings now and then. Take care and best wishes...


Chick Young said...

Thanks gentlemen! Happy New Year to you both and thanks for being such good buds. All the best, Chick

Bill Dan Courtney said...


Did you ever do that review for a friend of yours on The Wild Wild Planet? I am about to finish the essay on mine, the graphics are up and I cannot find it on your site. I would like to link my article back to yours if you did it.

My Blogger blog Necrotic Cinema is at 10 posts now. Would I be a brown nose if I asked you to blog roll it here? I would love it really. You are there of course. It is ready to promote I think and hope you drop by there if you see the RSS updates. It is my post 1990's horror film site. Some the new stuff is good and some stinks... but I love to write a review of a movie I hate. Just saw one called Spiker... my god... I simply could not finish it. I am not really a masochist after all. Will take one for the team later and then review at NC. Half a skull rating at best.