Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's Shirley Manson Day!

No time these days for my home away from home - my Trash Aesthetics... Too much happening, but I will try to occasionally get something up. Speaking of which - IT'S SHIRLEY MANSON DAY!

I love Shirley Manson. I would take the time and actually make this a love letter to her, but as previously stated, I am short on time these days... However, should she ever drop by Trash Aesthetics and would actually like to hear said letter - well Shirley, just give us a wink then. Kinda like this:

I always felt that Garbage was one of the more relevant bands of the 90s (and today). Around the time that alternative went mainstream Garbage came on the scene and did so with such grand style and talent that you HAD to stand up and take notice. Not to mention that this band's Scottish vocalist simply commanded your gaze. She was and (my oh my) still is so lovely and talented... Longevity and talent. A real library of great songs to this band, one of which has always been very important to me.

I'm Only Happy When it Rains
is a masterpiece of a song. The phrase "Pour your misery down on me" is one of my favorite lyrics of all time. In any language it is poetic and certainly a powerful signifier. Pour - Your - Misery - Down - On - Me

The phrase in relation to the context of the song, and the WAY in which Shirley sings it GETS ME EVERY TIME - have a listen:

Amazing. Truly. That was in 2007 I think.

So, I love Shirley in Garbage, this much is clear. But wait! There's more! Beautiful and talented right - so she must be a total bitch or ego-maniacal or both or whatever stereotype should be by extension associated. Don't think so. She's very well-spoken, intelligent, giving of her time and energy to many causes, and self-effacing with the proper amounts of humility and confidence. In all the years I've had Shirley on my radar, she has exhibited true class while skirting the blender blades of the entertainment industry. I just love her.  Marry Me Shirley!

Shirley has an incredible sense of humor and she has without doubt THE GREATEST LAUGH I have ever heard. GOD BLESS Craig Ferguson - who gets her to laugh constantly in this hilarious clip from his show. Two Scots - having a great time (okay, one former Scotsman - Craig would make a big deal out of that). Shirley is hilarious herself and I could watch these two all night - but my God, that laugh of hers. Could anyone ever truly tire of that?

And lastly, multi-talented Shirley has some very decent chops as an actress. I am loving her performance on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. For those who are not in the know - she plays a T-1000 (yup, one of them liquid metal cyborgs). Yup.

Ah, to be the lucky man who gets to listen to Shirley Manson laugh.

Gotta run. Be back in the near future with a post on Cathy Moriarty - All the best, Chick Young XXOO.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Alain Delon et Qui?

Could use a little help on this one. Does anyone know who the girl is in this photograph with Alain Delon? I have a few guesses, but...