Monday, April 13, 2009

R.I.P. Marilyn Chambers

1952 - 2009

How Sad.


Root Mean Squared said...

david cronenberg saw fit to cast her in "rabid", and that's a good enough endorsement for me.

very sad indeed.

Bill said...

She was great in Rabid and maybe was one of the first cross over actresses. I saw Behind the Green Door at the now defunct Apple cinema in Seattle. The place was dark and sleazy and reeked of vileness. A perfect setting I felt.

She certainly had a charm to her and she dropped out of porn for the most part after the move from film to video.

A sweet face.

Chick Young said...

Thanks Joe and Bill. I was supposed to meet her last fall and am very sad that I was unable to see her. This was at the Wasteland show in late 08'. A sweet face - that's a great way to put it Bill. So jealous that you had that great, sleazy encounter with Behind at a theater like that. I drove by places like that in Detroit in the 70s - but I was a kid, someone else was doing the driving!

Sindri Gabriel said...

So rare for a pornography store to make such a successful move to the mainstream. She will be greatly missed. An elegant post of yours.

Keith said...

I agree. I can't believe that she's gone.