Monday, June 8, 2009

Gone Fishin'

I apologize for the lack of activity around here lately.  I'm on a grant to write full-time right now.  As a result, I am writing seven days a week to get as much done as humanly possible - sadly this leaves little time or energy for my blog.  I'll be back soon however with some light posts - like the "It's 'fill in celeb here' Day"  In fact, I've been thinking a lot lately that it needs to be "Wendy James" day around here or maybe Cathy Moriarty day.  What I really want to do is write a review of "I Desire" as promised to a good mate in England (who sent me a copy all the way from England), but all my powers of criticism are focused on something else right now.  Suffice it to say, until I get to that review properly, I loved it!  I am however, I think, MORE nostalgic than my amigo in the U.K., who is incidentally the same age as yours truly.  For now then, à tout à l'heure!

Your host and proprietor, Chick Young


ewaffle said...

Snag a few dissertaion chapters so you will be Herr Doktor Chick Young in a few months.

Eric said...

Even though your blogging may suffer, it's nice to have a 'real' writing gig isn't it?

Chick Young said...

Indeed Gentlemen - and thanks!

Keith said...

Great photo. Good luck with the writing. I wish you the best.

Anonymous said...
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Bill said...


I love the Chinese spam message there. I cannot really read enough to figure it all out but this


Cheng ren Ying Pian, or adult movie. So I think we can figure out the rest from there, eh Watson?

Anyay, just dropping by to see how you are and looks like you are busy as usual. Do what you have to do and remember this stuff is for when there is nothng else in life to do. Take care and keep us all up to date on your scholarly pursuits and endeavors.


Carlos Aguilar said...


Anonymous said...


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