Saturday, October 2, 2010

Next time, go for 75 or 100 years Emmet.

So, I am sitting here (praying for this tooth ache to subside, can't see the dentist until Tuesday) watching Back to the Future (1985), and I was suddenly struck by a comment that Dr. Emmet Brown just made.

Before I get to that, let me say that I was 15 years old in 1985. I was in high school and certainly was pretty aware of current events and the world around me. Not saying I UNDERSTOOD a whole lot of these events, but I was aware of them.

SO, right before the time travel snafu that spins the story into its major conflict, Doc says that he wants to go 25 years into the future and behold civilization's great advancements.

Hmmm. It suddenly dawned on me... That's right now. 1985 to 2010, according to my math (which speaking of high school was a failed subject more than once) is twenty five years.

Well, dear Emmet. Behold! Jack-shit has changed. Oh sure, many things have changed, no doubt. But, fundamentally, we're still the same bickering, noisy, polarized bunch of twits (congress anyone?) we've been since... a very long time now.

Next time Doc, shoot for 75 to 100 years and Maybe, just MAYBE, you'll get a pleasant surprise.


ewaffle said...

Some might find criticizing Congress to be unsporting--like shooting fish in a barrel--but when the fish jump into the barrel and hand you the gun it is hard to resist.

You can really criticize Congress by comparing them to idiots, bums or mouth-breathers because it is so insulting to idiots, bums and mouth-breathers to do so.

I caught "Salt" a few weeks ago; it is not the worst movie Angelina Jolie has ever made. Wondering what you thought of it.

Darwin Tuberkul and The Dirty Pinboys said...

As long as the Republican party exists, I wouldn't count on Doc finding too many changes.

hels said...

Good post :) Personally I love the whole trilogy, one of the reasons I love the second is cos it's view of the future was unlike most other views of the future. Usually it's either really utopian or really distopian, but BttB2 went with everything is mostly the same, but technically will improve mostly for the sake of consumer convenience and entertainment instead of totally changing society. Sure, they went with flying cars and lawyerbots instead of internet and satnav, but still more accurate that filsm where everyone has barcodes from birth and chips in their skulls :p