Monday, May 12, 2008

Clip of the Week

I've begun writing a very lengthy project. I will still continue to update the blog on a consistent basis, but while I get my bearings for this project, things might slow for just a little bit. In the meantime, enjoy the CLIP OF THE WEEK narrated by none other than one of my hugest, biggest heroes of all time ->->->->->-> JOE FUCKIN' DANTE! His website TRAILERS FROM HELL is a brilliant ever-growing collection of film trailers that are graced with commentaries from Dante's colleagues and friends, John Landis, Mary Lambert, Stuart Gordon, Alan Arkush, Rick Baker, Jon Davison, Jack Hill - and so on. As I've said before, Dante is my favorite film historian of all time. He's a bottomless pit of knowledge which is then augmented by his extensive (from grindhouse trailer editor to major studio director) industry experience. As Reni Santoni says in Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid - "What a guy!"

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